Chanco Impex Limited is a specialist when it comes to the supply and distribution of soap and detergent chemical products, we supply various kinds of chemicals ranging from soda ash, caustic soad, benzene supheric acid etc.With our prolific technical expertise we aim at providing efficency to our delivery, as we only on environmentally safe products.

Chanco impex Limited offers a full range of supply chain monitoring, inspection and testing services to help our partners address needs efficiently and with minimal disruption to the trade processes,this is why we are unique in our market value, without compromising on quality or service We can also help you to implement time-efficient, effective risk management through quality monitoring and product evolution. we are specialized in chemicals such as: Calcium Hypochlorite, Soda Ash, Ethanol, Toluene, PVP Iodine, Tar remover, Water treatment chemicals, Cooling tower chemicals, Demineralization chemicals, Fire-fighting chemicals, Chemicals for power generation among others.



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Chanco Impex Limited is the leading suppliers and distributor of Industral Raw Materials in Nigeria. We have a wide range of quality industrial chemicals.